Books by Terry Spring

‘A Tambo Girl’

A TAMBO GIRL; HESTER’S STORY is based on a real-life family who resided in and around Tambo, a remote town in Queensland’s outback. It tells the tale of a woman who, living in a time when men made the decisions, never really had her shot at life until her husband died and she was able to take command of it. ….

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 ‘Transported – A Pioneer’s Story’

'Transported' - Terry SpringThis historical fiction novel conveys the starkness of George Smith’s day to day life in London, his imprisonment and voyage as a convict to Sydney Town where he meets the aboriginals whose land the white man increasingly occupied.

Discover how he survived in a hostile environment and prospered in this new setting and how the early settlers lived without today’s essentials. The story is told from George Smith’s perspective.

George Smith was selected to move herds of cattle amongst the ‘runs’ of land to fatten them to feed Sydney Town’s escalating population. It was during this time that he met and married an aboriginal woman with whom he had five children.

Sent from England to the burgeoning colony of New South Wales on the other side of the world, George Smith raised himself from poverty to become the wealthiest man in Dubbo.

George Smith assisted Charles Sturt’s Expedition through unknown territory, helped in a murder hunt, owned a pub and purchased land in Dubbo where he settled. A street in Dubbo is named after him. In later life, George became well-known in the Dubbo area as Dusty Bob’. His descendants are numerous and some live in the district to this day.

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 ‘Trace Your Ancestors and Build Your Family Tree – What You Should Know Before You Begin Your Search For Ancestors’ 


Are you looking for descendants? Find your family fast. Read this first, before you go online!
Trace Your Descendants – background information to build your family tree.

This book will save you time and money.

  • Tips you should know before you begin on-line research for past relatives.
  • Discover the rules to on-line data and how genealogy information has been gathered, which will assist in your search.

Twenty Two Twisted Tales - Terry Spring‘Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales’

An assortment of short stories that entertain and surprise with unexpected endings.

Written in a seemingly matter-of-fact style, the narrative hooks the reader in to an assortment of short stories which touch on today’s issues, that entertain and surprise. These tales deliver everyday characters, in well-known places around the globe, with unexpected endings, and a side order of hilarity. Terry Spring’s short stories have received merit certification and have been aired by the ABC and Sydney radio stations. More 8…

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‘Rainbow’s End at Double Bay’

rainbows_end_book_148webLife in the fast lane is exposed in Terry Spring’s novel, ‘Rainbows End at Double Bay’.The exclusive Double Bay area is a place renowned for its fashionable shops and stunning homes on the foreshore of the world famous Sydney Harbour.

Rick, a wealthy dental specialist, lives the good life with wife Tessa in a Double Bay mansion, but he has other social exploits on his mind. He looks outside his marriage for fulfilment of his needs and meets Nancy, a stunning blonde. Rick’s wife, Tessa, tolerates his ‘other life’ but she is also looking for fulfilment. Left an inheritance, she decides to up-grade her looks and this makeover ultimately becomes her downfall.