About Terry Spring

Terry lives on the Gold Coast where she has ghost-written books and sells her own books through her website and speaking engagements. Her talks on writing at Gold Coast libraries are usually well attended.

Memberships and Writing Experience

Terry Spring is a life member of the Gold Coast Writers’ Association and an active committee member of the Gold Coast Writers’ Workshops which endeavours to enhance literary appreciation on the Gold Coast.

Having been born, educated and lived in London, Terry married a musician, sold her interviews with the stars of the 60s to the London music papers, and raised a family. They migrated to Sydney where she was employed by global companies as a corporate trainer, developing training, writing and producing training films. With a creative writing course at Oxford University under her belt, she has produced a number of novels, one of which – Transported – sells in the Longreach Hall of Fame and was used as a marketing subject at Griffith University, Queensland. She also re-scripted one of her published short-stories and produced a film submitted to Sydney’s Short Film Festival,‘Tropfest’.

‘Transported – A Pioneer’s Story’

Terry Spring brings George’s story to life; we get to know his character, his ambitions and his achievements… the opening up of rural NSW, the hardships that existed at the time and it is a change to read a story where the focus is on a NSW convict. ‘Transported’ is the type of story that makes the reader want to research their own family history. This is an interesting and enjoyable story that will appeal to many readers…Kathryn Duncan, Celapene Press

‘Rainbows End At Double Bay’

Terry Spring’s first novel, ‘Rainbows End At Double Bay’ tells of the search for status and wealth she saw in her years in Sydney. A book review in ‘Writeabout’ said ‘ This is a delightful soap opera of a story’.

‘Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales’

Terry Spring’s short stories have received merit certification and have been aired by the ABC and Sydney radio stations. She has now published them – the title says it all ‘Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales’. Written in a seemingly matter-of-fact style, the narrative hooks the reader in to an assortment of short stories which touch on today’s issues, that entertain and surprise. These tales deliver everyday characters, in well-known places around the globe, with unexpected endings, and a side order of hilarity.
Terry Spring’s books may also be purchased by contacting the author at her email address [email protected]

How to Order

Terry has ghost written ‘Lucky Me’ – Ebook by Jim Curson, which can be purchased from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IJOXHL8

To order any of Terry Spring’s books by cheque or bank transfer email: [email protected] or phone: 0412 618 088
To pay by Credit Card: Buy from the Writer’s Web