A Tambo Girll

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Captivating … a very good read

“Terry Springs’ story is captivating, it takes us back to an almost forgotten era reminding us how tough it was for Hester in every aspect of her life and how far women have come in the struggle for equality. Outback Australia was- and still is the school of self sufficiency, imagination and fortitude, we need to be reminded. Well done Terry. It is a very good read and should be enjoyed by all genres and generations.” … D Slinkard

This easy to read story would satisfy a wide range of readers …

“Marrying a hard-working local boy, Matthias McDonough, they raised their children enduring droughts, floods, disease, family tragedy and WWl. When Mathias died at the age of 33 years, Hester struggled to make ends meet. Her determination to provide four young children with a better future than Tambo could offer, bravely moved her family to Queensland’s bustling capital city, Brisbane. This easy to read story would satisfy a wide range of readers from youth to adult as the author shows us the hard truths of life in the remote Australian Outback.”... J Farmer

A good yarn about living in the outback

“In this male-dominated era, Hester’s hard working resilient spirit triumphs. I appreciated the educational aspects of this book, describing, for example, the differences between living in a small town and all the hardships involved there compared with the luxury and modernity of Brisbane. I also enjoyed how Terry incorporated the valuable contribution of Aboriginal and Chinese people through the characters Grace and Lilly. This book would appeal to anyone interested in Queensland history or simply a good yarn about living in the outback.” ... J Lewington

Your ‘Tambo Girl’ could easily have been my own grandmother

“I simply loved the story; your delightful country characters had it tough in those early days, that’s for sure! As a matter of fact, your ‘Tambo Girl’ could easily have been my own grandmother (my heritage is pretty much the same; going back as far as Ireland, emigrating to Australia and settling in North Queensland where, primarily, they bred horses). Indeed, what an enduring life they led… The characters in ‘A Tambo Girl’ are portrayed earnestly and I consider that absolutely anyone would enjoy reading this wonderful story. Thank you; it was a pleasure.” … M Healey

‘Transported – A Pioneer’s Story’

Terry Spring has done a fine job of portraying the life of George Smith.

The descriptions of the New South Wales landscape and life are interesting and vivid. The use of Mathew’s character to highlight the social injustices is well done. George is less inclined to fight the system than he is to work within it to achieve his goals, and his character speaks out for the aboriginal peoples. The mixture of fact with fiction is deftly handled. The epilogue containing biographical information about “Dusty Bob’s” family and the note by his great-great-grandson is a nice conclusion. Terry Spring has done a fine job of portraying the life of George Smith. The account of life in the Outback during white settlement and the inclusion of women’s perspective are particularly interesting. Recommended to those who enjoy works of biographical fiction and historical novels set in nineteenth-century Australia. …Debra Spidal, Australia Historical Novel Society

Terry Spring’s Transported lets us get to know a convict …

George Smith’s story is not unusual; many people have risen from poverty to achieve great things in their life, but author Terry Spring’s Transported lets us get to know a man who, with a little bit of luck, achieved a lot more than what was expected of convicts in the 1800s. George’s story is one of inspiration and proving you can overcome obstacles – sometimes with a bit of luck – but mostly with a lot of passion and determination…KathrynDuncan, Calapene Press

An exciting page-turner that entertains while it educates.

Terry Spring’s faction novel ‘Transported’ is an exciting page-turner that entertains while it educates. Terry brings to the story her intimate knowledge of the UK and Australia, together with the detailed research she has undertaken to enhance the wealth of documentation provided to her by Dusty Bob’s descendants. The result is a colourful tale of adventure and struggle and overcoming hardships to create a life on the opposite side of the world for Dusty Bob and subsequently for his family. Anybody who has the slightest interest in the origins of Australian white settlement, transportation of convicts and the birth of the new nation will find this book hard to put down. … Jill Smith, Gold Coast Australia – ‘Writeabout’ the Gold Coast Writers’ Assoc. Book Reviews.

An intriguing story of a convict’s transportation …

A little gem was recently placed in my hands in the form of a new historical novel by Terry Spring, ‘Transported’. This is an intriguing story of a convict’s transportation from England to the outpost of Dubbo N.S.W., where he succeeds in raising a family and building a successful life. Terry Spring has done impeccable research, which made the story based on a true-life person all the more credible. It’s essential reading for scholars of Australia’s colourful history. … A. K.-reviewed in’ Island Times’, Australia

A vivid depiction of the pioneer spirit in Australian history.

Well written…a page turner! Impoverished George Smith wants nothing more than his freedom, but he is a convict sitting in a London jail with a death sentence hanging over his head. ‘Transported’ follows the years of blood, sweat and tears George endures in a wild and rugged new world before he finally earns his bittersweet freedom. Based on a true story, ‘Transported’ is a vivid depiction of the pioneer spirit in Australian history. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction. … S.K.G. Virginia, USA – reviewed in ‘Historical Novels’ [email protected]

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Well, I’m delighted. This puts me in touch with another grandparent’s relatives and there is some work already done on it ! I’m constantly staggered that there are so many of us out there who have researched the same person… now we need to put it all together. Thank you, Terry for putting two cousins in contact. …
R.W. Australia

Reaching 1500 people…

As an only child, I never thought our family had too many relatives. After your help with the research, I’m nearly reaching 1500 people. Of course 90% are dead but at least I know where they came from! I’ve found another second cousin – a live one – and we’re meeting up later in the year. Great research. Thanks.
… B.M. Australia

Wealth of information…

I’m overwhelmed to find such a wealth of information. Together, our research has created a wonderful family tree that goes back further that I ever expected…Elizabeth I was on the throne for one branch…can you believe it?

S.W. England