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Short Stories

'Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales'

The title says it all. Written in a seemingly matter-of-fact style, the narrative hooks the reader in to an assortment of short stories which touch on today’s issues, that entertain and surprise.

These tales deliver everyday characters, in well-known places around the globe, with unexpected endings, and a side order of hilarity.

Terry Spring’s short stories have received merit certification and have been aired by the ABC and Sydney radio stations.

'Being able to pull the reader into a short story is one of the challenges of the genre and Terry Spring does this successfully. Characters are well developed, allowing the reader to identify with them. This makes the stories all the more enjoyable as you ponder what you would do in the same situation or identify yourself, or someone you know, in the behaviour of the characters. These stories are a reflection of everyday life and this is part of their appeal. Ideal for short trips, a day at the beach or a bedtime read where you don't have to worry about finishing a sentence at the end of a page, Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales is definitely worth a read.' ... Aussiereviews.com

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Terry Spring - 'Twenty Two Twisted Tales'